Latest statistics on active listing price vs actual sale price in Los Cabos

los cabos real estate market statistics as of june 2013 Past 12 month have been really interesting in terms of Cabo San Lucas real estate market.

Sellers are not willing to drop listing prices as you can see from the charts. There is a few reasons for that: one of them is that there is virtually no financing for real estate, which means that most of the homes have no mortgage on them. It allows sellers to stay firm on the price. Second reason is property taxes, they are very low in Cabo (around $300 a year for $2 000 000 residence), property maintenance is reasonably priced as well, so the sellers are not willing to take a big loss.

On the other hand, if there is a good cash offer on the table sellers are more willing to negotiate. 10 to 20%  discount off the asking price are not uncommon.

Keep in mind that most of new construction is not part of the stats below, and we have a lot of sales in new developments, in fact around 40% of sales coming from new construction.

If you need more information about Los Cabos real estate market activity do not hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail, I will be glad to answer your questions.

The stats below are for single family detached homes. Stay tuned for update on condo stats.

San Jose Corridor

  • 3457190.43,3375788.60,3402652.25,3348077.06,3372796.23,3443075.24,3409704.46,3465077.94,3692167.17,3684983.84,3697483.59,3782014.62
  • 430000.00,1877500.00,3200000.00,0,2768850.00,1591333.33,378256.50,1483774.00,2533333.33,0,4401440.00,1647500.00

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San Jose del Cabo

  • 1610011.08,1571602.80,1501884.83,1463814.54,1500628.85,1320796.08,1358260.40,1447424.77,1448386.04,1387502.19,1404562.01,1392996.85
  • 823150.00,1122941.00,0,341166.67,935000.00,460136.29,245900.00,1253800.00,404000.00,272500.00,292290.00,554333.33

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Cabo Corridor

  • 922037.92,901618.60,884906.64,840008.68,822479.41,939370.61,958401.23,878922.69,851954.20,843460.92,825249.59,804895.30
  • 497214.29,394600.00,447000.00,448166.67,261500.00,579318.18,276375.00,490888.89,317025.00,723333.33,308315.20,2000000.00

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Cabo San Lucas

  • 1725436.10,1860506.93,1926634.04,2023276.59,1864546.26,1862457.08,1764157.98,1690624.86,1642682.05,1664993.69,1686704.87,1723412.98
  • 1778333.33,226754.33,235000.00,1307500.00,875000.00,98381.50,345250.00,451250.00,181500.00,244666.67,652000.00,272815.67

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