Black and Blue Marlin Tournament in Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas  bcabo deep sea fishingiggest annual fishing tournament is about to start on October 22 and will last until October 26. The event is spectacular and it attracts fishermen from all over the world.We hope to see the winner with 500+ lb catch.

Back in February of this year four anglers from Arizona landed a 987 lb blue marlin. It took them more then 16 hours to bring blue marlin into the boat. Wish that one was a contender for the prize!

Last year’s winner took home more then $ 2 000 000 USD with 465 lb blue marlin.

Good luck to all teams !!!


October 27, 2013 update

Linda Williams II SuccessAs we expected, this year’s winning team pulled in a blue marlin weighted over 500 lb. To be exact 774 lb and the angler Linda Williams took home over $350 000 USD of $2,9 mil prize pool.

The biggest payout of $ 1 185 862 USD went to team Retriever and angler Martha McNabb with 525 ld blue marlin.   Both female anglers were placed first and second  in 2013 Bisbee’s tournament leaving no chance to other teams. Congratulations to Linda and Martha !!!